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Program Partners

To reach its goals, the All of Us Research Program is partnering with leading institutions, organizations, community partners, and participant representatives across the country.

Enrollment Sites: Health Care Provider Organizations

Many people receive their health and medical care at health care provider organizations. These organizations are sometimes referred to as “health care systems or organizations.” They may include many individual health care providers and medical offices or facilities. At participating health care provider organizations, people can learn more about the All of Us Research Program and also join.

The health care provider organization network is made up of regional medical centers, community health centers, and medical centers run by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

Regional medical centers include:

Community health center pilots include:

VA medical centers:

Data and Research Center

The Data and Research Center houses the database of information provided by our participants. With one million people providing a lot of information, the center focuses on ensuring the data is organized and secure. The center also manages researchers’ access and use of that data, helping to build a strong community of researchers, including those from the leading health care research institutions and industries as well as community colleges and even citizen scientists.

Partners include:

The Participant Center

People interested in joining the All of Us Research Program but do not have access to participating health care provider organizations will be able to enroll online through the All of Us website or app. The center’s role is to help participants enroll across the country, by providing additional community-based enrollment sites, as well as educational information through established collaboration with trusted partners. The center will also seek direct input from participants to design and implement strategies that will keep diverse groups of participants engaged long-term.

Partners include:

Participant Technology Systems Center

The Participant Technology Systems Center will develop user-friendly Web and other digital (smartphone) apps for participants to enroll in the program, share their health information, and receive updates. The center will also support ongoing testing and upgrades to improve the participants’ experience, implement innovative participant tools, and ensure the security of all participant-facing systems.


A biobank is a storage facility that stores and manages biological samples, or biosamples, for use in research. The All of Us Research Program will be collecting blood and urine (“pee”) from many participants. These samples are called “biosamples.” They need to be stored in special ways. The program’s biobank is housed at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Mayo Clinic has created a specialized facility just for All of Us. The biobank will support the collection, analyses, storage, and distribution of the biosamples that All of Us collects for research purposes.

Communications Partners

The roles of our communications partners include developing the messages, materials, and strategies to effectively engage potential participants for the All of Us Research Program. They will also assist with the coordination of NIH partner organizations.

Community Engagement Partners and Influencers

These organizations tell their communities what the All of Us Research Program is and how to join. Some of these organizations help health care providers learn about the program.