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How Your Data Will Be Used

Your health information can inform thousands of studies that researchers can use to create more precise treatments.

Introduction Video Clip of the Mayo Clinic

We are creating the largest health data resource ever. Approved researchers can use this data to conduct thousands of health-related studies. This can lead to more tailored treatments, which can help one-size-fits-all health care become a thing of the past.

Where Does Your Data Go?

Your data is sent to a secure cloud-based database, managed by the All of Us Data and Research Center at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Then your personal information, like your name, address, and other things that easily identify you will be removed from all of the data accessible by researchers.

To support the collection and storage of blood and urine samples, we have partnered with the Mayo Clinic, which has created a specialized facility just for All of Us biosamples.

Infographic of how your data will be used

Big Data Means Big Results

Researchers will have access to an unprecedented amount of data that can lead to medical breakthroughs. By studying patterns in the data, researchers can begin to identify why people respond to treatments differently.

With this information, researchers could start developing the right treatment, for the right person, at the right time.

Illustration of data sheets linked to DNA strands, Pills, and Pie charts
Illustration of male and female doctor

A Healthier Future for All of Us

The data you contribute will lead to new medical studies and pave the way toward a future of customized care.

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Privacy Safeguards

The All of Us Research Program is using the most advanced security technologies available to make sure participant data is safe.