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Happy DNA Day 2023!

April 25, 2023

Happy National DNA Day! One year ago today, we started providing regular updates about personalized DNA results from All of Us. Back then, we were still preparing. We hadn’t yet provided health-related DNA results to any participants. Now, we are inviting about 5,000 participants each week to decide if they want their results.

Today’s update will be our last one focused specifically on health-related DNA results. We’ve come a long way in one year, and we have big plans for the years to come. While we are starting to look ahead, our first priority is to continue to provide eligible participants with their personalized DNA results if they want them. 

Important! This email is an update about our progress of sharing health-related DNA results with eligible participants. It is not your personalized DNA results.

What future plans does All of Us have for health-related DNA results?

  • In the future, we may look at more genes in the two health-related DNA results we provide. Right now, we look at 7 different genes in the Medicine and Your DNA result and 59 genes in the Hereditary Disease Risk result. We may update the lists of genes and medicines we look at as our scientific knowledge of genes increases. 

    It may be several years before we update these lists. Right now, we want to share results with participants who have been waiting for them. Once we’ve done that, we will look into updating the list of genes and medicines. We will keep you posted when we are ready. As always, our genetic counselors are here to help answer your questions along the way.
  • The data from our participants helps contribute to new science. As we learn more about the genes we currently look at in DNA results, some genes may be given a different result based on our updated knowledge. If we learn more about a genetic variant, or difference in DNA, that causes your results to change significantly, we will contact you.
Did you know? We expect that about 97-98% of participants who receive a Hereditary Disease Risk result will get a result saying we did not find anything significant.

Over 150,000 participants are currently eligible to receive DNA results. If you are not eligible to receive DNA results, it’s not too late. Log in to your account to complete the steps you need to become eligible. Don’t know if you’re eligible or not? Take a look at our checklist to become eligible for DNA results.


Stay up to date about DNA information provided by All of Us.

Going forward, we will provide updates about health-related DNA results in our national newsletter. You can also read our previous genomics updates. 
Thank you for being a part of this landmark effort. You are helping expand what we know about health and disease. Hopefully you will also learn more about your own health in the process.


Your partner in research, 
The All of Us Research Program

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