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Who Can Join?

All of Us reflects the rich diversity of our country. It’s what makes the program so unique.

What You Need to Know About Joining


Enrollment is open to all eligible adults who live in the U.S. People of every race, ethnicity, sex, gender, and sexual orientation are welcome.


No health insurance is required. Any appointments needed to take part are free. Please note, the All of Us Research Program is a research study and does not provide medical care.


You can be healthy, or you can have a long-term health issue. There are no limits to taking part based on your health status.


You don’t have to speak English to join. We have Spanish-speaking advisors to help you. In the future, more languages will be available, too.


Those who are not eligible to join at this time include people who are: in prison, unable to consent on their own, and younger than 18. In the future, we hope to enroll these populations.


Having a computer, tablet, or smartphone makes it easy to give health data to All of Us. It’s also a good way for us to keep in touch with you. However, these devices are not required to join.