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The All of Us Research Program database will be open to all types of researchers, each of whom must agree to strict rules for using the data. We will work to ensure that participant data is kept private and secure.

We want many researchers to use this resource and apply their creative thinking to make new health discoveries for all people — that’s why no one group or person will have special or sole access. Researchers may come from academic, commercial, public, or private institutions. Citizen scientists are welcome, too.

The Committee for Access, Privacy, and Security will have fair and clear rules for researchers on accessing data, keeping data safe, and stopping unfit use.

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Visit the All of Us Research Hub to learn more about how the program is engaging with the research community.

How All of Us Helps Research

How All of Us Helps Research

Registered researchers must agree to follow the All of Us terms of use, data access policies, and code of conduct. Each researcher will get a separate login and password.

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