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Get insight into your pregnancy while helping the future of health.

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Every body has a story

If you’re participating in the All of Us Research Program, you already know what it means to share your health information to help speed up health research breakthroughs. If you’re currently pregnant, PregSource is an opportunity for you to share your unique experience to help researchers learn more about how to care for pregnant women. It’s also a chance to learn more about your own experiences as you track your pregnancy over time.

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What PregSource Is


that wants to hear directly from pregnant women about what they feel, think, do and experience during pregnancy and after giving birth. It also provides insight to participants on how their pregnancy experience compares to recommended milestones and to others in the project.

Most research projects rely on health care providers or others to submit information reported by pregnant women. That means there’s a lot of research information about pregnancy problems and disorders but not a lot of reliable data from pregnant women about pregnancy in general. For example, there’s still more to learn about how many women experience morning sickness or nausea or how sleeping habits change throughout pregnancy. The answers to questions like these could help to improve the care and treatment that all pregnant women receive.

If You Join PregSource

If you join PregSource, you would answer survey questions throughout your pregnancy. These questions will be about topics such as your:

  • Background icon

    Background, such as age and education level

  • Experiences icon

    Pregnancy experiences, such as cramping, vitamin intake, or daily moods

  • Medical icon

    Pre-pregnancy medical conditions and pregnancy-related problems

  • Labor icon

    How long your labor was

  • Baby icon

    Baby’s health, such as weight and growth over time

You can use the information you enter into PregSource to track your pregnancy. You’ll be able to:

Woman with tablet
  • Mobile icon

    Receive articles targeted to the pregnancy experiences you report.

  • Tracker icon

    View progress trackers showing what you’ve reported over time about your weight, nausea, sleep, activity, and mood—and if you’re in the recommended range for women like you.

  • Compare icon

    Learn about how your experiences compare with other women in the study, such as seeing how many others have also taken over-the-counter pain medications or gotten an infection.

  • Tracker icon

    Bring up what you learn with your doctor to get a better understanding of your pregnancy experience.

Woman and doctor

Go to the Join page to sign up and start sharing your story.
To learn more about participating, go to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page.

Not the Same Research Program

PregSource and the All of Us Research Program are two separate programs run by the National Institutes of Health. As an All of Us participant, you can choose to participate or not to participate in PregSource. Your choice will not affect your participation in All of Us. You can also choose to withdraw from PregSource at any time and still continue to be an All of Us participant, or vice versa.

If you do choose to participate in PregSource, you will go through PregSource’s consent process and take its surveys separately from the All of Us participant portal. Only you and PregSource will be able to access the information you give to PregSource.

JOIN PregSource
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